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The person behind Arcane Bard Audio

My name is Aleksander.

I'm located in the southern part of


I'm a life-long music and video game enthusiast

with 10 years of experience as a musician,

brandishing several different instruments,

as well as an audio producer

with an ardent passion for storytelling.

I've completed an undergraduate degree

in music, but am mostly self-taught

on account of an intrinsic interest for all things music and sound.

I am inspired by music from all corners

of the world, and will often utilize elements from different sources to create something new.

Aleksander from Arcane Bard Audio

What is

Arcane Bard Audio?

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Arcane Bard Audio is a one-man enterprise

that I started in order to facilitate my

creative endeavours related to audio and storytelling.

Stories and storytelling has been part of

human culture for a very, very long time.

We have a deeply rooted, intrinsic

fascination for it.

I believe that a good story has the capacity to

connect with us on multiple levels,

and my goal is to amplify the narratives on

all of those levels, to create truly stirring

and memorable moments.

What's next for

Arcane Bard Audio?

While I've just started getting my feet wet,

I'm aiming towards the indie game scene

and animation / short films.

I believe there's something special

coming out of pure passion indie projects

that is very hard to find elsewhere.

If you're currently working on, or are planning

a project, and find that some of what

I've written so far resonates with you

please CONTACT me.

I'd love to hear from you!

Also, check out the SERVICES section

for a more technical explanation

of the things I can offer your project

as well as a brief look into how I work.

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